Mini Bamboo Channels (Set of 40 pcs)

Mini Bamboo Channels (Set of 40 pcs)


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Qtoys Mini Bamboo channels 40 pcs will help children explore classifying and sorting items by similar characteristics. Can be used for stacking, assembling, disassembling, sorting or moulding something new. Children will have hours of fun while developing the creative process behind their creations.

  • Arouses dispositions for learning, curiosity, creativity, and  enthusiasm
  • Helps children use materials to see a design idea to become a reality
  • Assists kids promote a range of skills such as problem solving, experimentation, researching and investigation
  • Generate the ability to test ideas
  • Develops flexible thinking skills

Further Info on Qtoys Mini Bamboo channels 40 pcs

  • Made by Qtoys Australia from natural bamboo
  • Perfect for early learning centres, therapy rooms, Montessori centres, Steiner centres and natural play educators

NOTE: Bamboo is a natural material, hence it will weather and change colour with time, making it more unique

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